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We're looking into legal education to make entry to the legal profession more transparent, affordable, and fair

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"[A] principal catalyst behind a crusade to overhaul the business of legal education in the United States"

- ABA Journal

"LST deserves everyone's gratitude for an earnest and courageous effort to advance the discussion on a miserably complicated and difficult set of problems."

- UNC Law Professor

"It's not easy getting the attention of a mammoth organization like ABA, but LST did it."

- The American Lawyer

"The legal profession would be better off if law schools complied with LST."

- Above the Law


We can help you figure out whether you want to be a lawyer, where to apply to and whether to attend law school, and how to make smarter financial choices before and during law school.
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As lawyers, we owe it to society to have a vision for a better legal profession. Learn about how you can help make LST's vision a reality through staying informed, donating to the cause, and volunteering.
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We're one of the nation's most trusted sources for information and analysis on legal education issues. Our research, policy papers, and staff are routinely cited in the news. Contact us for an interview.
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Law School Transparency is a non-profit organization made up of volunteers from across the legal profession. Our staff and advisory board are made up of a mixture of attorneys, faculty, and current law students.

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Our research, policy papers, reports, and officers are frequently cited by traditional news organizations like NPR, The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, legal news organizations like the National Law Journal and ABA Journal and widely-read blogs.

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NALP Report Database

Track the schools that have published key employment information, as well as those that continue to fight transparency

Jobs Tracker

Track school-specific and national trends in job outcomes

Conditional Scholarships

See which schools offer conditional scholarships and what percentage keep them

Debt-Financed Cost of Attendance

See how much it costs to finance a law degree with student loans with and without discounts

LST Reports. National, State, School, Personal.

Attending law school is a life-changing decision. LSTReports.com is designed to give you the space to consider important questions.

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Seperate schools based on where graduates get jobs

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Estimate debt and admissions chances, see job statistics and trends

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Legal Career Compass

What kind of law should you practice?

I Am The Law: a podcast about law jobs

Our hosts do an informational interview with a different lawyer every episode, revealing what the practice of law is really like. You can listen on LSTradio.com.


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Women In The Law: a podcast mini-series

A show about the challenges women continue to face as members of the legal profession. You can listen on LSTradio.com.


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